Wednesday, 2 April 2014

100 happy days 1-4

Yay I'm so excited to be starting this! Hopefully this'll be the start of a new era- maybe one where I can start my blog posts without apologising!(so far so good!)

So Friday was my parents' wedding anniversary, which I know is more their happy day than mine, but my mum loves knickerbocker glory ice cream sundaes, (with jelly, of course) and so my dad went out and got all the stuff we'd need to make our own, which can only be good news for everyone, right? Anyway, here are some pictures (they're not the best quality, but I'm going to try and get better at this photography thing)

Happy day no. 2 was Saturday, and I took my little sister climbing. Our local Leisure Centre has recently installed a great big climbing wall, so we thought we'd try it out and it was really good fun! Due to insurance stuff, the instructor there had to clip us in and out of every single wall, which was slightly unnecessary, but it was still really fun and totally counts as exercise so that's me done for the week! Again, some bad quality photos:

I wasn't sure what to say for Sunday, because a lot of stuff happened that was pretty good, but didn't really seem worth mentioning, but I decided that seeing Sarah was the most unexpected and therefore interesting bit of the day! (I also thought I'd sneak in a quick shout-out to her blog, which is great, but she hasn't posted for ages, hint hint!) All the churches in our town were coming together for a joint service as part of our Passion For Life weekend, so it was lovely to see her, if only for a few minutes.

As for Monday, I had a really lovely day shopping in Cardiff with my mum, and it was one of those shopping trips that feels so productive because you come home with a bag full of goodies! I won't bore you by telling you all the stuff I bought, but I will tell you that a) if you want to test out nail polishes before you buy them, then Topshop is the place to go and b) if you paint your thumbnail with the matte finish one, you will look like you've taken a sharpie to your nail= not as sophisticated as they'd have you believe!

Until next time!

P.S. I know that doesn't quite take us up to present, but bear with, we'll get there! (and again, apologies if you're ever so bored with this sort of thing, feel free to comment if you like this sort of thing, or if you don't.... basically, if you comment, it'll make my day, no matter what you're saying!)

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  1. Consider your day made then!
    Here's hoping one of your happy moments doesn't consist of receiving this comment.