Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Feeling Sheepish...

Remember all those good intentions I had? I was going to blog every few days, it was going to be multiple times a week you guys, do you remember that? So now I kinda feel like I can't face you...
But then I remembered that you probably don't care that much, and I feel like the only people that read this are people that know me pretty well, so I figure you'll forgive me, right?

For those of you that guessed that the only reason I'm blogging again now is because I have suddenly a lot more work to do, you win a prize!*

*prize is fictional, and I accept no responsibility for raising your hopes unduly.

Despite my rubbish-ness at telling you, a lot of happy things have actually happened (although if you know me, you'll already know). I went on a brilliant Christian conference, conquered Snowdon, had a birthday and went to a ball since I last posted on here.
...oh and I got engaged! Which I think kinda wins the 100 happy days thing, so I'll use that as my excuse for completely giving up on it...

So I'm all into wedding-y things now (read, Pinterest-ing like a pro), although I still haven't perfected a way of non-awkwardly sticking my hand in someone's face when they ask to see the ring...

I was going to write up the "proposal story", as it were, but then I decided that was kinda self-indulgent, so if you disagree and do want to read it, then drop me a comment and I might decide to listen to you.

Instead, I'm going to share some wedding-related things that I've recently discovered:

1. People will spend thousands, yes thousands on their dresses. (That's pounds, by the way, yeah, I know)
2. Weddings make people believe that this: 
is completely abhorrent.

3. Whereas this:
is beautiful. Ridiculous is apparently not what they're going for. (Sorry if you love chair covers and I've just deeply offended you, I just think they look kinda silly)
4. "Corkage" is a word. 
5. I love all the colours. Being fussy would almost be easier.
6. I have weirdly specific images in my head, often containing things totally beyond my control (e.g. it will be sunny, and there will be children running around for the pure joy of it all)
7. Corsets. End of. Why bother dieting when you can have a fabulous corset that makes it look like you did all that work?
8. Finally, wedding planning is SO fun! Much more than uni work, which probably doesn't bode well, but at least I'll have a pretty wedding! (I'm joking mum, don't worry, I'm still working!)

Anyway, that's pretty much all I have, but I honestly will try to blog more frequently from now on. Thank you so much for reading, and see you soon!


  1. Oh we want a full proposal story! ;)

  2. Hmmmmmmm. Smh, xxx

  3. Let's hear the proposal story!