Sunday, 29 January 2012

My First Nando's Trip...

If you've been to/heard of Nando's you'll know it's basically just chicken, so if you like chicken it should be good, right? As me and Luke both like chicken, we thought it'd be nice to go and see what was so great about it that the likes of Ed Sheeran were recommending it. You might also know that they're well known for being spicy, which isn't my favourite thing, but I'd been told there was some milder stuff too. So it all sounds good, and we were quite looking forward to it.

So we got there, and there was a queue by the door (a waiting area? wash your mouth out!) where we stayed for 20 minutes before being seated... right by the door and the queue of people! After sitting down and getting comfy, trying to ignore the draft, we realised we had to go up to the counter and order and pay, canteen style. So we ordered the same thing (a slightly overpriced butterfly chicken breast) but Luke had his spicier than mine. When it arrived (quite quickly, fair play) the waiter seemed to say the spiciness levels and sides mixed up. Brushing it off as a slip of the tongue, I was ready to start eating, when the helpful waiter reminded us we had to go get our cutlery ourselves, involving manouevring through the queue of people. 

Finally we started eating, and I thought mine was particularly spicy and Luke's un-spicy. However, the mild one was supposed to taste like lemons, which neither of them did... I assumed my taste buds were mistaken, and persevered  with it, eventually taking off all the coating and wrapping it around chips for Luke. Immediately (and I do mean immediately) after we finished our nice, but spicy and a little small for the price, meal, a waitress swooped in and asked if we wanted any desserts. We already knew we didn't, but feeling hard done by, I perhaps rudely told her to give us a minute. 

Before she could come back, and without having a bill to pay, we left, feeling a bit let down. However, I think perhaps we shouldn't blame Nando's; if its reputation hadn't preceded it, I don't think it would have seemed so bad. So I'm not telling you not to go to Nando's, but if you go to the one in Cardiff Bay, don't expect too much.
Nevertheless, a good night out with Luke and a pleasant, albeit cold, walk around the bay :) 

On a separate note, I can almpst play this, it's Debussy (one of my favourites) and I love it!

Friday, 27 January 2012

My Grumpy Old Man

Luke (my boyfriend) started his blog a few days ago: An Old Head On Young Shoulders. So having "inspired" someone else to start blogging, I felt perhaps I should revive my own.
Probably the reason I haven't written in so long is because I can't think of any interesting stories to tell. But maybe I just like the irony of a blog called "The "Quiet" One" being completely blank...

Anyway, I'll try to start posting more now :)
So, seeing as the resurrection of this blog was sparked by Luke, I thought I'd start with a recent story about him.

I went to Luke's house and was offered a drink, as you do. What I didn't expect was to take a sip of the drink and have to immediately run to the bathroom to spit out my mouthful of...wait for it... mould!! As you can imagine, the experience was pretty traumatic *comes close to sobbing at the mere memory*, but your sympathy for me (which I'm sure must be very great) may be lessened when I tell you that Luke had already had the same, perhaps worse experience. Naively I thought my glass couldn't possibly have the same stuff in it, so I guess you could say it was my own fault. Anyway, Luke learned that you can't leave fruit juice drinks out for 2 weeks, so some good came out of it :L

Thinking of more to write than this is proving to be more difficult than I thought, so I'll think of something again soon. Until then, bye!