Saturday, 8 March 2014

One last break before the crazy...

Hey! So I know I haven't blogged in over a month, sorry about that, if you're one of those rare people that actually reads this! Maybe one day I'll start blogging a reasonable amount and not have to start every post with an apology, but don't hold your, seriously, don't, I don't want to be responsible for any sort of injuries!

Aaaaaanyway, it's almost the last week of term, and it's going to be completely mental, because our tutors either didn't communicate with each other or are just being mean, because we have 3 essays to write and 2 classes to go to, which probably doesn't sound like much if you're a sciences student, but if you're humanities you should be sympathising with me right now, right? ...right?

And in case you weren't sympathising yet (you cold-hearted human being), I also have to make a costume for our "Anything but Clothes" party, which I know sounds like the dodgiest thing ever, but apparently it's supposed to be a green, recycling type thing. So alongside all the frantic reading, I'm also going to attempt to make this:
(found here, all credit to the lovely Alexia Esque)

I was going to include a funny story or something in this post, but realised I do actually have a LOT to do, so for now I'll just say wish me luck! Hopefully I'll find the time to post some more during the vacation, so see you soon! 

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