Tuesday, 21 January 2014

I have a new header!

So apparently I have too much time (it's funny because I don't), but I made a new header! It's supposed to show the madness that goes on inside my brain, compared to the "quiet" that everyone thinks I am. Although that was probably self-explanatory, and I've just totally patronised you, so... yeah, sorry about that.

Anyway, I've also been playing around with gadget-y things for the blog, so now you can email subscribe! I know, I know it's exciting, but don't all do it at once, you might cause the system to meltdown.

I also have a list on the sidebar of all my favourite internet people. Some of them are hilarious, and some of them are just downright lovely. Either way, they're worth taking a look at, but a word of warning for Cake Wrecks and Hyperbole and a Half: I would not recommend reading them while a) in public, or b) drinking. You will be looked at funny and/or have tea all over your computer. Don't say I didn't warn you.

I haven't really got time to write much of a blog post, so here's a few self-esteem-destroying things my tutors have said to me:

Tutor A (to my tutorial partner): That's a really really good essay, it would definitely be a first if you did that in an exam! I'm very very impressed. (turning to me) Libby... solid first try!

Tutor B (basically every week):  - Um... yes, thank you for that essay.
                                                                 - It was very... interesting.
                                                                 -You raised a lot of points.
                                                                 - I think you should read the writing guidelines I sent you at the start of the                                                                                                           year.

Tutor A: The Anglo Saxons often spoke proverbially, so it would be like, for example, if I read your essay and said to you "A man must learn to walk before he can run".

Thanks for reading!

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