Thursday, 3 October 2013

Previously, in Libby's Summer...

I'm baaack! Which can only mean one thing... yep, I have much better and more important things to do, so I'm blogging! I leave for Oxford University in less than a week, and I'm not even nearly packed (okay, I haven't started). But most panic-inducing-ly I have 14 poems, a novel, and 2 half-novels (started and given up on) left on my reading list, on which there "will be test...just after you arrive". So, given that my life is about to get pretty crazy, I'm taking this opportunity to kill two birds with one stone and procrastinate while also tying off all my summery loose ends before I (hopefully) start blogging more regularly when I get to uni.

So, since I last blogged, I've sat and passed my exams (most of them),


helped out in a holiday Bible club 
(this is the chilren's artwork)

and been to Spain for the first time,

 (because posing with statues is essential!)

So apologies for the less interesting than usual blog post, but that's what you've missed in my life (as you so obviously care!). I'll be blogging much more from now on, hopefully, so watch this space! Until next time :)

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